True Self Discovery Program
True Self Discovery Program

Realize Your Best Self

Transformation Through Body-Mind Tools and Meditation Techniques - A 12 Week Process, with Lifelong Private Community Support.

Feeling stuck, stressed, and unsure of your direction?


The True Self Discovery Program (TSDP) can help you. This powerful 12 week 3-step meditation program equips you with practical tools to:

  • Lead a fulfilling professional life. Gain highest self-awareness and discover your hidden strengths, creativity and inner powers, leading to a more fulfilling career/professional path.

  • Strengthen your invaluable relationships: Learn effective dedicated body-mind tools and you will be able to manage conflict constructively, fostering stronger and more genuine connections with your loved ones.

  • Find Sustained Inner Calm & Peace: Cultivate genuine calmness and emotional resilience to navigate life's challenges with greater ease - in a sustained way.

  • Attain natural physical and mental health: Experience the great union of the body, mind and bio energies - all working in cohesive unison to help you experience holistic health.

Embark On A Profound Self-Discovery Journey

Uncover the Authentic & Intense Path to Inner Transformation

Real Voices, Real Experiences

Trusted by hundreds of people who are passionate about realizing their best selves.
True Self Discovery is THE SOLUTION.
12 Week Process consists of 3 Steps

True Self Discovery Program™

Step 1
Agama Karma Dhyana
Break Free From Your Past: Make Clear Choices & Unleash Your Potential.

Feeling stuck and weighed down by emotional baggage? The True Self Discovery Program (TSDP) can help. Our first step equips you with powerful tools to:

☛ Achieve Emotional Freedom: Release negative experiences and limiting beliefs that hold you back from making clear decisions. 

☛ Combat Decision Paralysis: Overcome overthinking and make clear, decisive choices with confidence.

☛ Increase Focus and Clarity: Sharpen your mental focus and gain a clearer perspective to make optimal decisions for a brighter future. 
Step 2
Maha Kumbhaka Dhyana
Energize Your Life & Reclaim Your Wellbeing.

Feeling drained and lacking vitality? TSDP can help. Step 2 unlocks your inner potential and empowers you to: 

☛ Boost Your Energy Levels: Experience a revitalizing flow of energy coursing through your body for increased vitality and well-being. 

☛ Sharpen Your Intuition: Develop a stronger inner compass to guide you in making decisions with greater confidence.

☛ Release Deep-Seated Issues: Let go of past emotional baggage holding you back at the DNA level and move forward with renewed clarity. 
Step 3
Brahma Mandala Dhyana
Master Your Life: Achieve Peak Performance & Inner Peace

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled? TSDP can help. Step 3 empowers you to unlock your full potential and experience:

 ☛ Unwavering Inner Calmness: Cultivate a deep sense of peace and well-being, allowing you to navigate life's challenges with greater ease. 

☛ Achieve Balanced Excellence: Gain the deepest understanding of yourself, leading to a fulfilling life where you excel and deeply content in all areas – career, relationships, health, and personal well-being.

☛ Peak Performance & Fulfillment: Direct your refined energy to excel in all areas of life, promoting personal and professional growth. 

Here is what you can look forward to:

Become Immediately Free

Freedom from the past emotional baggage increases happiness 10 times.

Self-Discovery & Awareness

Deep understanding of your concept of self, your authentic inner space, mysterious energies within you, and your potential.

Clarity & Focus

Gaining a clearer sense of your purpose and direction in life.

Inner Peace & Emotional Well-Being:

Learning meditative tools to manage stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. Cultivating sustained sense of peace and tranquility.

Improved Relationships

Meditative techniques to allow connections to blossom with others more authentically and build stronger bonds with those who matter.

Career Growth & Fulfillment

Setting clear & purposeful goals, overcoming unconscious obstacles, and achieving excellence and fulfilment in your professional life.

We're here to support you through the whole journey. 

Live classes & 1:1 Live sessions to personally monitor your journey all through the 12 weeks.

30+ unique (never used by other teachers) meditation techniques that are of 1000+ years lineage.

Lifelong access to Inner Lounge™  private community continuing to support your inner journey through several exclusive courses, music, and resources.
TSDP participants get results. Within the first 30 days of TSDP, participants report experiencing emotional freedom, better clarity, and a newfound inner peace.

The real Solution

The key to becoming self-sufficient is to become an integrated, self-aware individual who feels complete from within. When you achieve this state, all external engagements become a play whose outcome won't affect your inner state of being anymore. You'll experience a sense of fulfillment that radiates from within, and this will impact all areas of your life, from relationships to career to finance. So, are you ready to take the first step towards a happier, more fulfilling life?

Why You Need This Program

Do you ever feel like you're just going through the life aimlessly? Struggling in your relationships, career, or finances? You're not alone. Millions feel held back by a deep sense of inadequacy.

This nagging feeling whispers that you're not good enough, draining your energy and motivation. Now, Imagine a life where: ☛ You radiate confidence and attract healthy relationships. ☛ You crush your career goals with unwavering focus. ☛ You experience a deep sense of peace and fulfillment, no matter your circumstances.
The True Self Discovery Program (TSDP) is THE key to unlocking one's beautiful fulfilling life. Why is TSDP different? We go beyond temporary fixes. We address the root cause of your struggles: self-inadequacy. Through powerful meditation techniques, you'll cultivate unshakeable self-worth, unshakeable confidence, and unshakeable inner peace.
Stop settling for less. Join TSDP today and reclaim your power!

What are we doing here?

  • Release all emotional and past baggage.

  • Discover a world of mysterious energies within

  • Experience a sustained profound sense of relaxation and fulfilment.


How does it actually work?

  • You will be taken through a journey, a process that contains a series of interconnected meditative practices related to body and mind. You will be in constant personal touch with Abhilash and Darshan.

  • This three-step path, Kanda Patha, is referred to as the "lamp that unifies all the disciplines" because it is the most comprehensive pathway for sustained fulfilment, abundantly enabling all the energy needs of all the areas needed for human form to experience bliss.


Why should you choose this program?

  • Because sometimes, you just know it's time for a real, long lasting transformation, and this is THE chance to step into a whole new version of yourself.

  • It's time to look within and embark on an experiential journey that will take you to an inner space where something precious is available to you that the world cannot give you ever.

What we are offering is not a program. What we are offering is ourselves... to give you everything we've known, everything we've experienced, and everything we've become in the process... to help you become what you want to be.

Abhilash & Darshan

Why you are one step closer to a fulfilling life

Because we are committed to seeing you succeed and fulfilled.
Comprehensive approach

 Chanshi's True Self Discovery Program offers an extensive and comprehensive approach to addressing self-inadequacy from its root cause. It is designed to help you develop a deep understanding of yourself and how you interact with the world around you. 

Personalized content

The course is tailored to the true nature of present day mindset, and the specific needs and preferences each individual would have. It provides you with extensive customized content that will help you achieve your goals and overcome your challenges sustainably. 

Practical and Relevant

 Our courses offer practical, relevant content that you can practice regularly. We teach you tools and techniques that would have significant improvement in your well-being and fulfillment. 

Supportive Community

Join our online community of learners and instructors who are all on the same journey towards self-adequacy. You'll receive support, encouragement, and guidance every step of the way. 

Powerful meditation techniques

30+ powerful body-mind techniques, practical tools, and methods that lead you to deep experiences. These experiences will open up new understandings within you, paving the way for a more integrated and fulfilling life.

Lifelong Support through Inner Lounge

Our course is not just a one-time experience. After completing 12 weeks of program, you’ll gain access to inner lounge. This will be your private community that is always readily available for your support. Plus, you will have free access to additional courses, meditation music, resources, etc.


This ain't philosophy, but an inner alchemy that can bring a radical transformation in you. Let's begin.

An impressive 95% of our participants affirm that our courses are enjoyable, brimming with interactive and easily comprehensible lessons that have bolstered their self-assurance!
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