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Private Workshops

Experience deep transformation in intimate workshop settings. Discover simple and natural tools and techniques to lead a calm and fulfilling life immediately.

Busy with life? Want Quick Workable Solutions?


Chanshi workshops provide the perfect answer. Our in-person sessions offer focused strategies and tools for personal growth in just 3 hours.

Here's how our private in-person workshops can be the key solution for your meditative life,

1. Personalized Guidance for Deeper Exploration:

Trying to navigate meditation on your own can be confusing. You might not know which techniques are best for you or how to overcome specific challenges.

Our intimate workshop setting allows for personalized instruction and support from experienced facilitators. They can tailor techniques to your needs and address your questions directly, leading to a deeper understanding and practice of meditation.

2. Building a Supportive Community:

Meditating alone can feel isolating. It's hard to stay motivated and share experiences without a supportive community.

Our private workshops create a safe space to connect with others on a similar journey. You can share experiences, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from fellow participants, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation.

3. Focused Learning for Faster Progress:

Trying to learn meditation from online resources can be overwhelming. There's a vast amount of information, and it's difficult to structure your learning effectively.

Our workshops offer a focused curriculum designed to deliver practical knowledge and techniques in a short period of time. You'll receive clear guidance in a structured format, leading to faster progress and a stronger foundation for your meditation practice.

The Benefits of Chanshi Workshops

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Learn powerful techniques to manage stress triggers, calm the mind, and cultivate inner peace.

Enhance Emotional Well-being

Learn tools to develop healthy coping mechanisms to navigate difficult emotions and build resilience.

Foster Self-Awareness

Learn techniques to gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and motivations, leading to greater self-acceptance and emotional regulation.

Improve Focus and Concentration

Learn methods to discover practical tools to quiet mental chatter, enhance focus, and boost productivity and efficiency in all areas of life.

Cultivate Stronger Relationships

Learn processes that uncover effective connection abilities and foster deeper connections with loved ones through increased empathy and understanding.

Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Learn body-mind tools to overcome self-doubt, embrace your strengths, and realize your true adequate self.

Real Voices, Real Experiences

Trusted by hundreds of people who are passionate about realizing their best selves.

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3 Hours to a New Life Clarity, Creativity & InnovationSound of Silence Meditation for Beginners

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3 Hours to New Life: Get Your Life Back

Feeling overwhelmed by past challenges? This powerful 3-hour workshop includes Pancharashika Kriya, an ancient technique of Indian origin that equips you with tools and techniques to overcome obstacles and reclaim inner peace. Reclaim your space, build new perceptions, and create a fulfilling future. Embrace your potential and start living the life you deserve.
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How Pancharashika Kriya Techniques Create a Foundation for a New Life:

Feeling overwhelmed by past challenges can hinder your ability to move forward and embrace a fulfilling future. This workshop equips you with the powerful Pancharashika Kriya techniques, designed to address the root causes of stress and unlock your full potential.

By mastering these techniques, you'll experience a cascade of benefits that contribute significantly to a new life.

Reduced Stress and Enhanced Relaxation: A calmer mind and body allow you to approach challenges with greater resilience and clarity.

Improved Breathing and Increased Energy: Deeper breaths and better oxygen intake lead to increased stamina and a more vibrant approach to life.

Sharpened Focus and Clearer Thinking: Improved concentration and decision-making empower you to navigate life's uncertainties with confidence.

Balanced Energy Flow and Well-being: Regulated prana (life force) fosters a sense of balance and vitality, allowing you to thrive in all aspects of your life.

Deeper Meditation and Spiritual Growth: A calm and focused mind prepares you for profound meditation experiences, leading to self-discovery, inner peace, and a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you.

Workshop Content:

1) Introduction: Understanding prana and its relevance

2) Golden Ratio Stage 1 - Pranayama (Breathwork)

3) Golden Ratio Stage 2 - Pranayama (Breathwork)

4) Silver Ratio Pranayama (Breathwork)

5) Crescendo & Diminuendo Pranayama (Breathwork)

6) Sukha Prana Breath Meditation.

7) Rahasya Dhyana (Secret Meditation)

Bonus - 1 Additional Meditation Technique for continued practice: ‘Shira Harana Dhyana’

Our facilitators bring over 10 years of experience steeped in the ancient wisdom of Tibet and the Himalayas, now offered right here in Australia for the first time. This unique blend of authentic tradition and modern context and accessibility allows you to experience the life-changing power of these practices without leaving the country.

Building the Foundation for Your New Life with Powerful Breathing Techniques:

The "3 Hours to New Life" workshop equips you with powerful breathing techniques that become the cornerstone of a positive transformation. These techniques address not just external circumstances but also the internal state of being, paving the way for a more fulfilling life.

Here's how mastering these techniques empowers you to build a solid foundation for your new life:

• Physiological Shift for Stress Recovery: Learn techniques that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting relaxation and aiding recovery from stress or trauma. These techniques help you approach your new life with a calmer and more grounded presence.

• Mental Clarity for Transformation: Breathing exercises manage stress and anxiety, which can often hinder personal growth. By regulating your breath, you gain emotional resilience and the mental clarity needed to make positive changes and navigate the uncertainties of a new beginning.

• Sharpened Focus for New Skills: Enhanced concentration and focus, a result of ratio-based breathing, are invaluable as you embark on a journey of reinvention. Improved cognitive function and better decision-making empower you to acquire new skills and habits needed for your new life.

• Emotional Stability for Challenges: Regular practice fosters greater emotional awareness and stability, allowing you to manage your emotions effectively during the challenges inherent in any new beginning. This newfound stability allows you to navigate your new life with greater confidence and ease.

• Spiritual Growth for Inner Peace: Deep, controlled breathing can help connect with a deeper spiritual self, fostering inner peace and self-realization essential for a truly fulfilling new life.

• Physical Energy for New Activities: By improving lung capacity and increasing stamina, these techniques boost your physical energy levels. This increased energy is crucial when your new life involves new activities or demands greater physical involvement.

• Discipline for a Structured Approach: The consistent practice of breathing exercises instills a sense of routine and discipline that can spill over into other areas of your life. This structured approach provides a solid foundation upon which to build healthy habits and routines, essential for success in your new beginning.

By mastering these powerful breathing techniques, you gain a holistic toolkit to support your physical health, enhance your mental and emotional well-being, and cultivate a sense of inner peace. This combination empowers you to confidently embrace your new life with clarity, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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Build Clarity, Creativity & Ingenuity: Awaken Your Potential (3 hours)

Seeking purpose and fulfillment? This workshop unlocks your natural wellspring of clarity, creativity, and ingenuity in you thus evoking the innovating ability in you. Through powerful unique  meditations, awaken new perspectives to enhance your professional and personal life. Boost your success and thrive in all areas.

Sound of Silence: A Journey Through Sound towards Silence (3 hours)

This workshop delves into the concepts of Anahata Nad (The universal sound) and the journey from caused sound to uncaused sound. Experience a transformative journey as you discover the profound stillness that lies within.

Meditation for Beginners: Demystifying the Practice (3 hours)

Unclear about meditation? This workshop clears misconceptions and stereotypes. Learn foundational techniques to approach meditation with confidence. Gain a solid base to explore various meditation programs and unlock your full potential.

Why Choose Chanshi Workshops

Deep Dives & Ongoing Support: Gain comprehensive, in-depth knowledge you can practice and revisit, with ongoing support throughout your journey.
Ancient Wisdom, Modern Application: Master timeless meditation techniques with 1000+ year lineage, uniquely crafted for contemporary needs. 
Personalized Transformation: Experience profound change in an intimate setting with only 8 participants per workshop.
Deep Expertise: Attend the #2 ranked in-person meditation workshops in Australia, acclaimed 2nd best worldwide. 
Practical & Accessible: No religion, dogma, or yoga postures. Learn practical, non-religious tools that empower your well-being.
Experienced & Certified Facilitators: Learn from our team of highly experienced and certified facilitators, ensuring expert guidance on your path to personal growth.

The real Solution

Just like prioritizing physical health through exercise and yoga, your mental well-being deserves proactive care. Chanshi workshops offer a powerful and accessible solution to address mental health challenges before they escalate.

Chanshi workshops equip you with the tools and strategies to:
Preventative Care: Build resilience and manage stress before everyday challenges become overwhelming. Cultivate Inner Peace: Discover techniques that promote emotional well-being and foster a sense of calm. Empower Yourself: Learn practical tools you can integrate into your daily life for lasting positive change.
Don't wait until things become critical. Invest in your mental well-being and create a life filled with happiness and inner peace. Take action today and explore the transformative power of Chanshi workshops.

Why You Need These Workshops

Chanshi workshops offer more than just a powerful learning experience. They equip you with the tools and strategies you need to cultivate lasting positive change in your life. Here's how our workshops can help you address key mental health challenges and create a more fulfilling life: Structured & Efficient: Our concise and reliable workshops are tailored for busy individuals seeking efficient solutions and reliable guidance.
Immediate Relief & Lasting Benefits: Embark on a structured journey of self-discovery through our short-term programs, designed to offer immediate relief from stress, anxiety, and depression while also providing a foundation for deeper exploration. Actionable Techniques, Not Theories: Learn potent techniques for immediate empowerment. We focus on practical tools, not just philosophy, that you can easily integrate into your daily life. Flexible & Accessible: Typically scheduled on weekends for 3-6 hours, our workshops offer an accessible opportunity for quick learning and application.

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Upcoming Private Workshops

Let's Go Beyond Theory, Philosophies and Intellectualization.  Let's Find Our Real Practice: Explore Experiential Workshops Now!

A whopping 94% of our workshop participants rave about the experience, describing it as enjoyable and bursting with interactive, easy-to-understand lessons. They credit these workshops with a significant boost in their self-confidence! Want to join the success stories? Our intimate setting, with only 8 seats available, allows for personalized attention and a truly transformative experience.
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